Hygiene Panties

#sbt1935panties | Staffordshire Bull Terrier 1935

New updated Staffordshire Bull Terrier Hygiene Panties with new cutouts for the legs, longer chest and more buttons on the now longer suspenders. Here we have made improved hygiene pants that can help your staffy during heat and or leakage. Also, this product your staffy can't shake off as soon as you turn your eyes away! With suspenders made of soft and elastic cotton material, crossed over the back, it is a protection that is "staffy secured". It is very customisable and made to fit all staffordshire bull terrier. The buttons on the suspenders can be changed, both over the shoulders so that they become narrower and at the outer edge so they can be shorter. The buttons are positioned to minimize chafing and even the entire inside of the pants are lined. This black lining also protects against stains that can otherwise be seen through the fabric. The suspenders can be loosened at the back and the intersection in the back which makes it easy to dress even the wildest staffy. If you have any questions regarding the Staffordshire Bull Terrier 1935 panties, please contact us.