Towel - Super Dry - Staffordshire Bull Terrier 1935

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New Staffordshire Bull Terrier Towel

1 x Staffy Towel

Need a super dry towel for your staffy paws?  Look no further! Here you have a staffy towel that will help you dry those paws or fur after a bath. The new Staffordshire Bull Terrier 1935 Towel is now available in the webshop.

The staffy towel is made out of super dry material that will absorb water and moist extremely quick. It has the stafford knot logo of course and also a pocket where to put your hand and works as a glove when padding your staffy down after a bath. It also has a hanger which makes it easy to place in the hallway. 

Quick facts:

  • Staffy branded
  • Super dry material to absorb moisture and water
  • Glove pocket to make drying of staffy easier
  • Hanger to place towel easier in hallway


  • Width: 35 cm
  • Length: 75 cm